Working for a Speaker Agency

Like all businesses, speaker agencies vary a great deal in terms of quality, so if you wish to work with one, it’s important to know how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Hands On!

A good speaker agency is one that is proactive.

It is one which takes the time to make calls and to search for places and opportunities for the author to give speeches, rather than just sitting around waiting for an opportunity to pop up. On top of this, an effective agency is one with proven expertise in the field –it’s worth researching an agency’s background and the number and type of speakers they take on.

A good speaker agency should provide you with constant support – this means more than merely supplying information. The agency should follow through with you from start to finish, offering help and advice with details of layout for the speech, providing a head start on topics to be covered, giving an idea of the audience number and outlining the expectations of the attendees and the host.

You can expect that your agency will offer help when it comes to practical matters, such as travel plans, where to stay and how to proceed if you or the host need to cancel at the last minute.

Moreover, one of the core aims of a speaker agency should be that of building the platform of its speakers. This is done mainly by taking the time to figure out the areas where the speaker performs well and presenting them with opportunities in which they can excel and shine.

Check the Small Print

Agencies work by taking a share of the money you make from a speech, so it’s crucial that before you enter into any contractual agreement, it is made crystal clear how much, when and how you will get paid. Also, be sure to discuss which expenses will be covered – there’s often room for negotiation here.

Going Solo?

Taking all the above points into consideration, it is worth a professional speaker asking just how much it is worth it working for a speaker agency.

If you deem the speaker agency worthy of your time and work and consider it to be proactive and focused on boosting your repertoire – thus improving your reputation and standing, then you’re headed in the right direction.

However, some speakers may find that working for a speaker agency is simply not an option, as it does not do much to further their careers, and they would rather look for and engage in opportunities on their own. The internet and social media make self-marketing and self-promoting a real possibility these days, and you may find that you prefer the freedom and flexibility of working for yourself. Of course, that means more research and more time spent finding work, but if that doesn’t faze you, it’s worth considering.

A fair bit of homework should be done before choosing to go for the speaker agency that is the right fit or choosing to go it alone.